Thursday, June 27, 2013

Week 2 - June 26, 2013

Ciao famiglia e amici!!!

My district. All going to Rome.
This week has been long!!! There were some downs this week, so I spent a lot of time praying, like everyday. When things get harder, I pray harder! Besides my companion and the Spirit, prayer is my best friend. Remember that you can pray anywhere! No matter where you are or what you are doing, your father in Heaven wants to hear from you, so pray! It's how we literally talk to God!! And then, listen. Listen for His answer, or His comfort, or His peace. It's not always right away, and not always what you expect, but He always hears and He always answers. Just like our parents love us and want to hear from us and help us, so does God! Matthew 7:7-11.
Imagine what your parents feel for you or what you feel for your children, and then multiply that by a BILLION!!! He loves us so much and wants to bless us! He knows us so well, knows our thoughts and the desires of our hearts and our needs and wants. He stands ready and willing to bless us; sometimes all we have to do is ask! So, PRAY! Tell Him everything. I promise it will improve every aspect of your life. Don't believe me? GOOD! Then try it for yourself, and then you will have to believe it when it works. Don't know how to pray? NO PROBLEM!

1) Address our Father in Heaven
2)Tell Him EVERYTHING. All your hopes and dreams, what you are thankful for (blessings, family, dog, letters from home.....), what you need, what you want (righteous desires); make sure you are praying with REAL INTENT, like sincerely! and with the humility to accept His answers and direction
3)Close with, " In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

It's so simple! I promise it will help with anything you have need of in your life. And if you already know how to pray, but want to make your prayers better, try praying on your knees, and praying out loud. There is power in praying out loud. I have been thinking about why we kneel down when we pray, and for me, it is a physical symbol of our humility and reverence for God. It shows we are willing to bow down to Him and accept His will. Being Christian means trying to be Christ-like, and doing as he does and says. He told his apostles to be perfect like our father in Heaven (Matthew 5:48), and while we know we can't be perfect , we can try everyday to make sure our life is in line with God's will for us. I know that if we are doing our best with what we know and have been given, Heavenly Father will bless us with even more.

Okay, so this week at the MTC:

-We met our Mission President and his wife!!! They are here for training because they get to Rome tomorrow I think. They are brand new, but amazing people. I already love them!!!

-At the worldwide broadcast on Sunday: we got there super early so we could have a good seat and see the apostles up close. It was incredible! They are incredible men, called of God to lead His church. Their Spirit and power is amazing! Okay, so since we were there so early, some of the Anziani (Italian for 'Elders') in our district went up to a camera man and struck up a conversation. After a bit, one of them said, "You know, my mom would love to know I'm still alive... think you could get us on camera?" The camera man's name is Glen; he does all the church stuff: conference, Music and the Spoken word, etc.... He was awesome! We were all hanging out with him and I guess he liked us because that camera stayed on us for like a quarter of the broadcast! I'll send a snapshot of us on live T.V.  ;)  He said that after a while, they stopped using his camera shots... haha, oh well. We are famous! ;) District 33E for life!! (or at least 6 weeks...)

TV shot of our district during the conference
-My straightener broke, along with my MP3 player... I'll be sending those home. I hope they can be fixed! Mostly the straightener...

-There is a stomach flu going around. Sorella Viazzo got sick for a day, but she threw it up and feels great now! Hope she doesn't mind me telling the world about that...

-Yesterday, we had a devotional from Janice Kapp Perry. She's hilarious! She is the woman who wrote tons of primary songs and some hymns I think. She wrote both the songs in the EFY Medley, so I thank her a ton for that! She also wrote a new line for "As Sisters in Zion". Go look it up, it's awesome!

Okay, I need to go, but I love you all!! Have another great week!!!

Sorella Patterson

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 19, 2013 - Week 1


All is well here at the good ol' MTC! The MTC is my favorite place on earth. Seriously. This place is amazing. I absolutely love it. Hard. Trying. But amazing. The Spirit is so strong here, all the time, and I have learned SO much in such a short time. Yeah. It's awesome.

My companion is bomb!I have so much to learn from her. She is so humble and kind, which I definitely need to learn to get better at being! But after 6 weeks with her, I'll be a little better :) Her name is Sorella Viazzo, and I love her!!! More to come in a letter, I don't have a lot of time.

I can't believe I've been here a week already, it feels like nothing. Although it is COMPLETELY 100% true that "The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days". Totally accurate. But honestly, I've never been happier in my entire life. There is nothing like having nothing to do but study the word of God and learn the most beautiful language on the planet. Also, I have the best district in the world, they are so awesome! My companion and I are the only Sorelle, and the rest are Anziani (Elders). They are great. Each person/companionship is so different and everyone is the perfect addition to our perfect district. We are hilarious, not to toot our own horn. But then when we need to be serious, the Spirit gets so strong and we are totally comfortable just testifying to each other whenever. Incredible. Where else on earth do you find a bunch of college age kids willing to put everything on hold and study 8 hours a day to teach people the gospel of Christ? Can you see why I love it?!

What else... Oh, I almost got to be in the choir for that big broadcast on Sunday, but I missed it by about 30 minutes. Oh well, I will be at the Marriot for it though, we all will.

Oh Jared, I tell him all the time tht he will always be 7 years old in my mind, and now there's hard evidence! Love him. Also, in answer to his question, my favorite thing is.......... THE FOOD!!!  Just kidding. My favorite thing is that the Spirit of God is so strong here. I've never had so much joy and love for people that I just met, it's amazing. Ahhhhhhhh   :)

Um, I don't know what else to say... OH! Use dear elder (!!! That first day, when I got like three, everyone was super jealous, in a loving way of course :) So yeah, dear elder it up!! If you don't know what that is, ask my mom. It is just a free way to send me letters while I'm here at the MTC (Missionary Training Center). And we get them twice a day, so I will get it the same day you send it, not like letters or email.

Okay, well I can't think of anything else to say, so I'm just going to end this I guess. Thank you for all your support, I love you all!! Vi voglio bene!!!!! Ciao!!!

Sorella Patterson