Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 26, 2014 - Rewarding Week in Sassari

Aloha famiglia!!

This week was... rewarding :) 

My "first companion" in the mission field:
Sorella Waddoups!!
Me and my new/old comp are doing WORK. It is going well. We are starting to work a lot with some less active members to help them regain their faith and come back and make this branch into the awesome ward that it needs to be. So far so good. I think we just need about 5 more Priesthood holders to be a ward! We got this!!!
Zone Conference - May 20, 2014

This week's letter will be a little short (do I say that every week? I think so...). But there are miracles happening out here. We had a movie night on Saturday night for everyone we know and are working with. It was quite the success! There were about 11 investigators there...!!!!! So awesome. Pietro came!!! He is this awesome guy we are working with, well he and his wife. We were supposed to have a lesson with them Saturday but then Paola, the wife, got sick, but then Pietro said he was coming to the movie night anyway!!! We showed the Testaments, the one about the Book of Mormon, and he just loved it, along with everyone else that came. They all want to see it again!! And it was really cool because most of them are just starting to read the Book of Mormon and get into it, so it was cool for them to get to see some of it (and the most important parts) in action. What a great night that was.
Sorella Mistura - my first companion when
I got to Pescara  :)
This is the last transfer of  Sorella
Mistura :(. She is going home soon!

So at Zone Conference we talked a lot about family history and how to use it as a finding tool. I decided to print off some family pics that I have, including one of my Great Gramma Maree, to tape onto the outside of my planner so that on the bus and stuff I can use it to start conversations. Italians LOVE Texas and anything to do with it, especially cowboys, and the picture of her is when she is in her cowgirl get-up. They just love it. She is so cool! And she is still doing missionary work, so many years after she's been gone. She is so cool. I bet she'd be happy to help me out! :)

Wellzzzzz, that's about all I got for today, plus I want to go play Foosball (how do you spell that??). I love all of you so much!! Look for awesome opportunities to use family history to share the gospel this week!! You are all so great!!


Sorella Patterson

Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014 - Supreme Dream Team Reunited

I gave a talk in Sacrament this past week on sharing the gospel. It went okay I think. I think I would rather sing (with at least 2 others) in front of people then speak in front of them. It was better that it was in Italian though. I am SO much more confident when I speak italian than when I speak inglese. I don't know why. Maybe because I am called to serve and speak this language. Boh.
Supreme Dream Team together again!

So, yeah I am back with Sorella Haynie. It has already been some of the best days of my mission. I love her. She is so incredible. I am learning a ton AGAIN. Heavenly Father knows what I need.
I have been thinking a lot about unity lately, especially in terms of sharing the gospel. Obviously my thoughts are mostly about companions, but it goes for anything I bet. At first, everything is going good. You are happy together. The work is great. But then little things start coming  up, like normal. When those problems occur, our reactions are so important. We can see there are problems and think that it is just not supposed to be this way, or we aren't right together, or they or we did something wrong and needs to change. OR. We can realize that NO ONE is perfect, and thus we all will have problems, based on our natural fallen state as human beings. What we do with that realization is even more important. We can still decide we want something or someone new, OR we can put forth real effort to find all the good that Heavenly Father has put in that person, and then LOVE them for it. Satan will try EVERYthing and anything to stop this work from going forward and that in huge part means creating contention between all those responsible for carrying out its progression. We just can't let that happen and we can't accept any excuses for letting ourselves be a part of it. The greatest commandment is to love God, and then to love everyone else too, just as much as we love oursleves. Being the greatest, of course it is attacked so much!! Anyway, that's what I have been learning a lot about and trying to improve and put into practice.

Well, we are in Cagliari and it is so beautiful. I love it. I just love this whole Island!! And I love all of you. I hope you all have a great week!!

Sorella Patterson

Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014 - Mother's Day Skyping!

Love the look of surprise when Matthew came
 around the corner to join us in Skyping her.
All 3 wishing me Happy Mother's Day
Megan got to Skype me for Mother’s Day yesterday (only get to do that on Christmas and Mother’s Day). We surprised her with having Matthew there as well. There was a lot of laughing and joking and it was good to see her so happy and joyous! She said to tell everyone hello! I have some pictures of her that we took while skyping and a video I took of her reenacting our mother’s day debacle from last year where she made me breakfast in bed twice. The first time it ended up all over the hallway floor. She has a short note today because she is on her way to go fishing.
Elders Juhausz, Phillips, (Andrea!), Kiser and Jones

Andrea after church yesterday

Breakfast in bed for the sisters who were sick from last week
(Hopefully it didn't end up on the floor!)

Our branch in Sassari

The cake we made for my companion's 22nd b-day.
WooHoo! So much chocolate!!!

OKay, zero time, but I love you all  so much with my whole heart!! I am so grateful for my family and for the chance to be here and to serve!! 


I am staying here in Sassari, but my companion is leaving and going to Battipaglia. Sorella Haynie will be taking her place, which is CRAZY because we were companions in Rome 3 as well. So crazy, but I am so excited!!! YAY for Sassari!!!

Okay, I have to go, we are going fishing today in Alghero!! :) 

Have a great week everyone!!

Sorella Patterson

Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014 - Time flies

Dear Fam,
It literally seems like I was just writing you guys yesterday!! Time is starting to go by really fast. Well, sort of. The weeks go by fast but the days sometimes take a while, haha. Maybe that is because we are just doing a lot of tracting lately. Our investigators are dropping off one by one... all for different reasons, but it is still kinda hard. Angela, who has been making a TON of progress latley, is moving to Olbia today for the summer for work. I don't know if I'll ever get to see her again... I guess it just depends on how long I stay here. The blessing in all of this is that Olbia is one of the 4 cities on this island that has missionaries! She'll be in the good hands of Anziani Bethke and Alvey. They are in our district, so we'll get updates every week which is nice. It is just sad though, you know? We did everything we possibly could to help her and now we don't get to see her progress anymore. But God knows what she needs and He will make sure she gets it.

Sandra, another investigator, bore her testimony yesterday in Sacrament meeting! CRAZY!! She comes to church almost every week but this was the first time she'd done that. Everyone always asks us why she is not baptized yet... well unfortunately it is not our choice. She is pretty much ready, but she still smokes... However, she got down to one a day once! Little miracles :)

Alessia's birthday
Alessia's bday was this week. We had a little surprise party :) I love that girl. She is awesome. I wish she'd read the Book of Mormon more though, it would make her so happy!!! She is just so adorable!

So yesterday the other Sorelle came home from a lunch appt with American Reeses Peanut Butter Cups! We haven't seen those in quite a while. They divided them up and enjoyed the little taste of home, all except me because luckily I don't like Reeses (crazy, I know). Well, last night, my comp started shaking a little and complaining that it was cold (it was NOT cold) so we got a ride home from the fireside and she put on tons of clothes and went right to bed a little before 9. When the other Sorelle came home about 9.30, they both were very cold and complaining of the same things: back pain, shivers, stomach ache, ect... the same my comp had had. CRAZY. They all went to bed right away. I don't know what was in those Reeses... but I'm sure glad I don't like them! This morning they still weren't doing super well, and still not this evening, so keep them in your prayers please. They all got Priesthood blessings so I am sure everything will be okay.

One of my favorite stories as of late to share with people is the account of the liberation of the people of Alma found in Mosiah 24. It's a most incredible story and I learn something new from it everytime! It so applies to us all though, because how often do we find ourselves in "bondage" to something: spiritually (doubt, fear), physically (work, life, friends), emotionally (depression, anger, stress), and we can't see the light at the end of the tunnel? Like the righteous covenant keeping people of Alma, I know that if we call on the Lord with faith and patience, He'll help us out. He loves all of us so much, no matter who or where we are! He just loves everyone so much!

And I love you all so much! :) Have a great week and be careful the next time someone offers you Reeses!

Sorella Patterson