Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014 - Sardinia by Plane

As if they need any motivation here!! This little Branch of Sassari is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot hardly believe that a little group of saints like these exists out here on this island! They are so motivated and so dedicated to the Gospel and to Jesus Christ. It is a small branch of about 20- 30 active members or so, 8 of whom are missionaries :) There is so much to do here and so many people are so ready for the gospel here! My first day here we talked to this lady Francesca to invite her to English Course and she saw my Book of Mormon in hand and said she used to have one of those books. She said that in one of her moves it had been thrown out, though, and asked us to come by in the morning to bring a new one and talk about it. Awesome!! Haha, and that was just day one. I hope I never get transferred from Sassari!!

Info for Mom, and anyone else who wants to read... So I got here by plane, which meant I left one big suitcase at the mission office where it will probably stay for the rest of my misison. I figure if I can survive without it now, on the island, why take it around with me if I get transferred? I can't actually tell you what all is in it. I was packing pretty last minute, as usual, and was kind of throwing stuff here and there, hoping all the essentials made it into the flying bag. I also brought a carry-on bag with me, so it's not quite as bad as 'The Other Side of Heaven' ;) I also filled another carry-on bag, and left that one too, and I think there may have been some essentials in there, because I can't seem to find them here... haha, oh well. Anything I sacrifice to be here in Sassari is a sacrifice well made!

I remember hearing about the rainstorm here last year on my Bday. A lot of our young single adults from Pescara went to help with the rubble. It was really sad and I was worried about my trainer who had been transferred there a month before. But all the missionaries were okay. Still a sad event though.

Haha, yes, I traveled in the flower dress. Of all the things that stayed on the mainland, that could never be one of them! I planned it so that if I only made it to the island with what was in my hands on the plane, I would have lived comfortably for a couple days.

Wow, that is so awesome about Jared and his friend and his home teaching!! What a good kid!! I am so proud to be his sister!! And I can say that about both of my brothers, so I guess I am a pretty lucky girl!! I must have done something really right in the pre-existence to have been blessed with a family like mine, davvero. All of you are awesome and I thank Heavenly Father for you everyday, even the ones that I don't get to see or hear from much in life. I LOVE MY FAMILY! Thank you for getting me where I am so that I can help other people to develop a family like mine!!!! Everyone should be this happy about their family, and they totally can!! That is one of the best things about the gospel, that it teaches us how to have a better family life. I LOVE teaching that to people! Being a missionary is awesome!!

So pumped to have family in Cali to visit!!!! ;)

Shout out to my awesome and sweet cousin Jeremy!!! Clear the roads, Texas!!

Well, fam, sounds like y'all have a busy couple of weeks ahead of you! Have fun in all these awesome adventures that are coming and look for missionary opportunities wherever you go! I love you all and vi auguro una buona settimana!!

Sorellina Patterson
PS the language here is a very pure Italian, and then there is the Sard dialect, which I am pumped to learn. I didn't learn much in Pescara, and I started to learn a little in Rome, but left so soon! I feel like I could be here a while so I'll try to pick some up along the way :)

To write to Megan, here is the address to the mission office and they will deliver to her once every 6 weeks:

The Italy Rome Mission Office
Piazza Carnaro 20
00141, Roma, Italia

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 17, 2014 - Headed to the islands!


Why the island greeting?? This little Sister Missionary is going to the Islands!!!! of Sardegna to be exact. An island none the less. When President Waddoups called me to tell me about my transfer, he asked if I packed my swimsuit... Well, no, I didn't but hopefully I won't fall out of the boat and need it... Communque, I'm headed to Sardegna where instead of island princesses and leis there will be sheep and more sheep. Haha, I literally can't wait. Rome is amazing, but the sea is calling... Haha! Also, my trainer is out there and a sister that I lived with in Pescara: Sorella Knudsen... who will be my NEW COMP!!!!! Could a girl get any luckier?? Io vi dico: no.
Check out what's on the wall behind us!

Well, in other news, I will definitely be leaving this area better than when i found it. My comp and I have built up the work and gotten quite a few new investigators for her and her greenie (she will be training here when I leave!!!!!) to start teaching. I am pretty excited for her. It is going to be an awesome trasnfer for them! I will miss her a ton, and the members here. Especially Martina and Gamal, the coolest, most solid new converts the world has ever seen. We have all had 'visions' (I use that word very loosely...) of Gamal being a future bishop. He is SO solid. And they haven't even been members for a year. Crazy. 

Today, we had a picnic for Pday with Martina and Gamal and all the missionaries. It was awesome. I might be sunburned. :)
Coolest Nigerians ever. Doris (mom), Millicent and Divine

Painting - Oops!

Also, this week, Michele and Dario had us over to help them paint their house. The walls were white, and guess what color they chose to paint? White.    ..... Oh italians. Anyway, something happened and suddenly there was paint all over the place, and people. Luckily I found Dario's goggles from who knows how long ago... Haha, quite the time. 

More painting -- More oops!
Also, forgot to tell you. Last week we went to hard rock Rome!!! So cool. I took some pictures for the men in my family who appreciate the oldies. I'll send them... some day... It was really cool though!

So, Andrea left this week for Thailand. I won't get to see him again :( But we told him we might not be here when he got back... But it's okay, my leaving has been a great opportunity to get people to see us that usually can't. Funny how that works! 

Well, that is about all. We have to go buy groceries still and it's almost 5, so I love you all and hope you all have a great week! OH! We had a fireside about the Rome temple this week! When will it be done you ask? 2015. Maybe. Ah, Italians :) How I love them... But really, I do. I will return for the dedication, right mom? :) 
Vi voglio tantissimo bene!! Salutations from Roma for the last time!!! 

Sorella Patterson

Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

Ciao Mama and everyone else too!! :)

Update on Muhammad: PLEASE pray for him. Life is really hard here for everyone, even Italians. But it is WAY harder for immigrants, especially Africans I think. But they also tend to be the most humble and most willing to talk to us. Ugh, it is just rough. But he is awesome. I have learned a little French for him. He is so great. And so ready. But the Lord's house is a house of order, and that's just how it is.

In other news, we found TWO new investigators this week!!! They are both so incredible and one of them lives literally across the hall from some really strong members who he is good friends with. They are just the best examples of humility and Christianity and I wish I could live next to them! Anyway, his name is Emmanuel, and we have only given him the Book of Mormon so far. But when he read the first verse, he became really serious and asked what he could do to have a copy. The next time we saw him, he said, 'I need you to help me read this book. I need to know what it is saying because I know that it is true!' Man, I just love Nigerians!! They are just so humble and so sincere. The Nigerians I have met on my mission have been some of the most incredible people EVER. I just love Italy!!!

Any letters that you want to send, send them to the mission office. It's the one at Piazza Carnaro. We go there pretty often, and if we don't they always bring the mail to Zone Conference so it is the only way to ensure that I will EVENTUALLY get things. Sorry that I never got the family Christmas cards. I hope that someone else at least got to enjoy them and Jared's handwriting ;) 

Well, I still haven't seen the Sistine Chapel. It will happen someday, but not today either. But someday. 

What else? Things are good here... We are getting transfer calls this Saturday which is just crazy. I can't believe how fast time is flying. I think that my companion might be training this next transfer, so that means I would be leaving. These are just guesses though, there is nothing to back them up. We always make our predictions the District Meeting before we get the calls, so tomorrow. Maybe I'll go down south now... who knows! Maybe Bitonto will finally open for sisters... chissà!

Okay, well I don't have anything else for ya this week. Have a great one, thank you all so very much for the emails and letters, they are so wonderful to get! I love you all with all of my ital-american heart!

Sorella Patterson


Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014 - Just pictures

Megan said next week she will have a good email. They did some sightseeing today during their free time so she didn’t have much time to write. She mostly sent pictures. She did say that getting a haircut in Italy is so different and she was so scared. But now she wants more cut off! We'll see!

She is hoping to go in the Sistine Chapel next Monday. That is the plan so far. So here is her latest week of pictures:

Just me outside the Colosseum!

30 minutes in the back seat with my two
new heart-throbs... Levi and Sam

Another backseat date shot

Dinner at the Peregos (half-American family
 who fed us on Christmas) with special guest BATMAN

Me and Sara Perego after being STUFFED