Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 21, 2013 - Zone Conference

Mom, (slash everyone...)

Castle in Pescara
It's looking to be another buon giorno here in Pescara :) It rained yesterday so it has really cooled off today for us, which is great because it is pday and we are going to go play some volleyball right after this. I found out I am not allowed to play soccer as a missionary because it is too dangerous, which makes sense. I usually get hurt when I play anyway :)
At the castle

For my Hawaiian Falls family

Lunch at the castle

Zone conference
So, Zone Conference was awesome!!! I learned so much and got to hear from President and sister Waddoups too! Zone conference was mostly in Italian, except when Sister Waddoups spoke because she doesn't speak Italian :)  When we are all together, we try to speak Italian as much as possible, also becuase there are some missionaries that are from Italy and don't speak English very well, like my companion. But she is learning! I teach her some English everyday and she teaches me Italian everyday and we are both praying and using that gift of tongues everyday! 

Zone conference
Yes, the mission president and wife are brand new, one transfer more than me. They are from somewhere in Utah, but I don't know where...

Wow, can't believe school is starting soon. That blows my mind. I also can't believe that I have been out on a mission over two months. That means less than 16 months left. Time is going WAY too fast. It makes me motivated to use my time more wisely though and to not waste a minute or a single bus ride, but to talk to people everywhere. I am definitely not super good at talking to people yet, but I just need to put more faith in the Lord that He will help my overcome my fears and doubts with my language ability and boldness. Piano piano sto migliorando. :) Veramente. Voglio scrivere tutto in italiano perché è un po' strano di usare così tanto inglese, ma anche voglio che voi potete capirmi! Mom’s note: loosely translated from WorldLingo: Slowly slowly I am improving. :) Truly. I want to write all in Italian because it is a little strange one to use therefore much English, but also I want that you can understand to me!

So, life. No, the fan stays in the apartment for the next issionaries. Also, transfers are indeed coming up. We have no idea what will happen. I will probably stay though since I am brand new, but my trainer could leave or stay. I guess I could too. We'll see! And as for the other two Sorelle, who knows! One of them, Sorella Spicq, only has one transfer left so who knows what will happen. All six of the missionaries here in Pescara go to the same ward becuase there is only one. We take the bus to church because it is pretty far a centro della città. Okay, before I forget, I am going on an exchange today! We are going to Rome and I will be with one of the Sisters there for the next 24 ish hours. I'm pretty excited!!! I'll tell you about it next week. Okay I am about out of time since pday is cut short today due to traveling to Rome. I love you all and pray for you all sincerely! I will try and attach some pictures this time. Ciao!! And don't forget to be finding a favorite scripture and send it to my mom!!!

Sorella Patterson :)


Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Buon Giorno y'all!!

So good to hear about all these new families starting!! And that they are starting out right, in the temple, is just awesome. While I wish I could be there, I am happy to be here helping others get to that point in their lives, to the temple. It's true, there is a lot of work to be done to fill that Rome temple with Italian saints. But it's the hardest work I've ever loved to do!

Okay, this week has been great! We are teaching this young girl, Federica, and she is troppo brava!! She just had a birthday on Sunday and turned 19, so we baked her some cookies (y'all know I love baking! Well actually Sorella Mistura made them, and they had a hint of peach... maybe it's an Italian thing?) and brought them to her. She was having a party, so we did want to stay obviously. When we left though, we met someone who introduced us to another guy riding by on his bike at that exact moment who introduced us to another guy who was driving by at that exact moment who was super interested in the gospel and in our message!! What a miracle. The Lord is definitely watching out for all His children.

Okay,story time: So, a couple nights ago, I had just put my mattress on the floor and was kneeling down to pray when I hear a voice say, Can you hear me? I freaked out!!!! Sorella Mistura was already asleep and the house was dark, and I was terrified!!! I began praying but I heard it again, Can you hear me? By this time, I was definitely freaked out. I put my matress up on the bed again becuase I was too scared to sleep on the floor. I checked under the desks with the light of my alarm clock and saw nothing. I heard it again so I climbed into bed and plugged my ears and tried to fall asleep. In the morning, I heard it again: Can you hear me? Nobody else seemed to be able to hear it, so I didn't want to say anything and have them think I was going crazy already! Then, during companionship study, I heard it again!!! THis time, I decided to risk sounding crazy and asked S. Mistura if she'd heard it. She had this time! We waited a bit and then heard it again and we freaked out and ran out of our room and the other Sorelle came in and looked around with us. It was terrifying! Then, Sorella Knuddsen walked over to the desk, opened a drawer, and pulled out a little recoreded device.... It was all a prank!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA! I cannot believe how good she got me!! And that I was the only one that was sincerely freaked out, even though nobody else knew about it!! She said she had put it in there a day ago and forgotten about it and didn't mean to keep us up at night or anything, haha she felt pretty bad. But seriously, I cannot believe how scared I was. Ah, one for the books, one for the books.

Anyway, my birthday is coming up... Okay it's not till November, but that's pretty close in missionary time. So, you're probably all wondering what to get me...right? Right. Well I'll make it easy, and cheap :) All I want is your help. Will you:

-Find a scripture that you love, that has helped you in your life at some point

-Write it down, along with why it is important to you (if it's not too personal or sacred)

-Somehow get it to my mom so she can send them all to me (thanks mom... I know you'll figure out the best way to do this! :) Note from mom, email it to me at and I'll put it in a booklet.

-Tell everyone you know that knows me or that doesn't, whatever, and have them do it too!

-surprise! Haha, sorry to throw this at you, but I know you love a good project :) And I'm worth it, right? ;)   Note from mom, yes, she's worth it!

So, this Saturday the Pescara ward is having an activity: Volleyball!!! And I get to play!!! WOOOOOOO!!! Also, on the 15th is this thing called Ferragosto. It's just a day when all of Italy parties I think. We will be cleaning the house... all day... haha :)

Okay, scripture time. If you don't have a Book of Mormon, go to and under tools there is a scripture button, so you can read it on there. Here ya go: Second Nephi 9:51

Love it! I am definitely taking that last line to heart here in Italia :)

Well, that's all the time for today folks! I love you all! I wish I could tell you everything I am learning everyday, but just know that we have a SAvior in Heaven who loves us and is mindful of each and every one of us. He has suffered all things so that he could know how to help us in each of our problems, big and small. If we turn to him with our broked hearts, he can and will heal us as no one else or no other thing can do. I hope you all can study and learn about Him as I am!! Every part of life is better when we remember Him :)

Buona giornata!!

Sorella Patterson

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August 7, 2013 - We Bought a Fan!!!

BUON GIORNO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First, I wish to apologize for how negative I was last week!!! I am sorry!! Perdonateme, per favore :) THis week was awesome!!!!!!! Italia is awesome, and life is just pretty great :) Yesterday, we bought a fan for our room, best night ever!! 

Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts, they are all working :)

Okay, to answer my mom's questions: 1)We usually eat at our apartment, a salad or something. We don't spend too much time eating, so it's usually pretty small. Mostly we just drink water!! I have only eaten at a member's home once and when we do it takes HOURS. I asked my companion about that because in the rule book it says only take an hour at members homes, and she said the mission president said not to worry because it is more important to be respectful and to abide by the local customs and traditions. Pretty great :) But TONS  of food. Usually delicious though. 

2) None of the elders from my mtc district are in my zone now, but there is one elder from my zone in the mtc who is now in my district. That's nice to see a familiar face every now and then. His name is Anziano Romano, He has Italian heritage obviously. 
The English class I teach with Anziano Romano amd Sorella Knuddsen
3) I have not actually used my water filter, but I haven't gotten sick yet... :) Mostly we buy bottles but occasionaly I drink out of street fountains. They are awesome.
Aqua Naturale
4) WALKING. My shoes are okay, except the blisters they give. I took some pictures, but you’ll have to wait a year and a half to see them :)  Also, we use the busses every day.

5)The ward is small, well the active members are small. But they are strong. I have never seen a ward so strong and spiritual. This past Sunday was testimony meeting, and here's what i wrote in my journal: the women here are incredible. they share their testimonies because it is burning within them and they want to share that. they love each other. they will do all they can to strengthen each other because they know we are all converts in one way or another. they truly live the gospel each day. i am not worthy to be in their presence because in their presence is the presence of Christ and the love of Christ. i have much to learn if i ever want to be like them.
i am still Loving it here and wish i could tell you everything  but there is just so little time|!! Thank you for all your prayers, they make such a difference!! i love and miss you all and thank you for the emails!!!!!!!!!!! Ciao, and remember, the work of salvation excludes no one!!!

Sorella Patterson

PS next week pday will be tuesday since we have zone conference on wednesday. so write me before tuesday!!! ;) :)